Open Source Love

At Believotron, we believe that open source is the great idea that can change the world.


We believe that open source is a golden anvil, that never gets dull, and any tool made will only get stronger as more people use it.


We believe it is possible to build a successful physical goods company with free IP. We believe that this leads to lower cost, higher reliability, and shorter time to market. We believe these changes are exponential and we are on the incredibly steep knee of the accelerando


We believe that legacy companies that rely on moats to protect their IP can de-risk their large capital outlay by using open source tools to cut away at expensive NRE, increase quality, manage logistics, and gracefully move people from 19th century clerk-work. We believe that the people who are ungracefully sacked can use open source tools to start their own business or demonstrate their value to a new employer. We believe that there are some deeply dark times ahead for individuals that are displaced by our new and exponentially changing economy and it is up to the people who benefit from it to design system of a world to include them in a meaningful way. We believe that open source will offer up more opportunities for the disrupted and displaced.


We believe that copies, knockoffs, and imitations are a feature, not a thing to be avoided. We believe that you can afford to compete with instant copies by changing your business model from protected intellectual property to rewarding the design, creation, and maintenance of open products. We believe that by freeing up your designs, you create and become part of a diversified ecosystem that returns useful tools in better condition when more people use them.


We believe that instead of a moat, we should be building irrigation. That other businesses can emerge and create new value to compliment your product or service. That one company has not designed a gigantic funnel where all cash flows and that value is left on the table for others to nurture the design. Where outsiders to the organization can adapt and change as they see fit.


We believe that open source is the thread that will tie us all together and rid us of the want that causes us such division and suffering.


We believe that by unlocking the world’s secret mechanisms, that all people can be free, truly free.


We believe that the genuine benefits of open source will attract more and more participants and outshine any collective achievement in human history. We believe that it has already reached critical mass.


We believe that we can see the shadow of the future, and it is the brightest, most illuminating, most encouraging thing our world has ever seen.