Everyone is different, pick the workflow that works best for you. Use the existing settings and customize to your heart's content, or you can design a brand new way of working with the machine and share it with the community.


Instrument / Patch Management

  • System ships with an SD Card preloaded with an ever evolving range of instruments
  • Download an up-to-date set of core instruments
  • Extensive community instruments
  • Develop your own
  • Sync files with github / gdrive / dropbox / icloud and more
  • Modern private version control for musicians that want to protect their work
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Ever Evolving features

  • Zero Programming: New Adventures in community instruments
  • Zero internet? Use an SD card. DIY or buy from literally anyone with a good idea and a charming experience
  • Sync directly over USB
  • Easy Graphical Modification: You will love how easy it is to find and understand the synth logic, and make the changes you need to improve your workflow. Making a mistake is harmless and experimentation is encouraged.
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Dynamic Control / Dynamic Sound

Every control on the Wanderlust can be routed to any part of the synthesizer model, to configure the machine exactly how you want it, flipping between settings with ease. 

It's the flexibility of modular synthesizers, but with the magic, speed, and accelerando of a microcontroller.

Dynamic Control Routing

Change the target of any control.  Use a knob to adjust an LFO and with the tap of a button, that knob can be reassigned, cycled, or toggled to any control in the patch. Swap out one control, a row, or the entire UI. Learn more > >

Control Sequencing

Program / sequence / record / loop values for any parameter. Layer. Raise the attack on the start of every measure, lengthen the release at the end. Build emotion and expression into your sound. Learn more > >

Sequenced Control Routing

Change how the controls are routed in time. Start by setting up the knobs to control Attack / Decay / Sustain / Release. The sequencer can automagically change the knobs to control phase / chorus / echo / flanger during certain bars / measures. Learn more > >


Add expressiveness make your sounds more dynamic. Record pad taps, knob turns, and joystick jostling, live. One-shot / Loop / Toggle / Timer-Counter playback for the perfect dramatic punctuation or emotive texture. Modify recorded values on the fly either overwriting or returning back to the recorded value. Program in your perfect performance and then push the edge on every playback. Learn more > >


Create new instruments that can quickly change states and become more mellow, more abrasive, more muted with the touch of a button. There are plenty of knobs, but often you'd like to turn five of them at once. Like wailing hard on a saxophone, quickly pushing your instrument to extremes expands the dynamic creativity. Learn more > >